Powerful Creator

Powerful Creator.


Your next breath – A Journey to Well Being

..and as you practise the simple tools,

Easily adding more knowledge and wisdom to YourSelf


You will start to:

Stay  in your Well Being

Practice your Well Being

Expand and grow your Well Being

Walk forward, enfolded by your Well Being





..and it doesn’t matter when you start or how  long it’s been

You can make the decision to know what Well Being looks like for you

It is as simple as taking your next breath

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You too, can heal -A Journey to Well Being



My Courage has come from my Depression

My Greatest Teacher has been my Depression

My Understanding has come from my Depression

My Open Heart has come from my Depression

My Lifelong Mentor has been my Depression

My Well Being has come from my Depression

So much pain………..So many gifts


You too, can heal

With Love

The psychiatrists job – A Journey to Well Being

And this healing journey is available to all


And what is your job…as a psychiatrist?


To help them find their way to their Own well being

To assist them in discovering what well being looks like for Them

No-one else

Not the Doc or the drug company or the family or the friends, or the lover, or the healer, but themselves

And by focusing on their well being a little here…and a little there….not today perhaps, but tomorrow a little

And then at some point, they begin to actually enjoy, the unfolding journey

While I strongly believe that current medications make it more difficult to get back to Well Being, I do not recommend sudden cessation

Rather, find  your way to well being first

On a regular basis

With safety nets available

Strategies and plans  for you to deal with the often prolonged emotional, physical and mental withdrawal from these drugs that have messed with your ever so  finely balanced neurotransmitters.

Neurotransmitters  that are involved in every moment of your life


The Psychiatrist should have in depth knowledge of the cessation syndromes,  otherwise they have no right to prescribe them

Healing is there for all


It is so

With Love



Using your feelings to guide you – A Journey to Well Being


Your thoughts create the feelings within you

Not the other way round


It is a furphy, a misnomer that keeps you powerless

It is deceptive to say it is the other way round


Your thoughts create the feelings within you


I am one who walked this path for many years

I know it intimately

In my bones and my soul

This is so


What you think is what you feel not the other way round


So use the feeling, to show what you are seeking

It will be different at different  times


Feeling powerless, seeking empowerment.

Feeling physically can’t/unable, seeking limitlessness.

Feeling blah, seeking health

Feeling tired, seeking vitality


Now turn and look in that direction


Look to the inner world first

What makes you feel empowered, vital, healthy, unlimited

What can you do, however small that gives you just a little nudge in that direction


If you can’t find it in the inner world. Look in the outer

Google beautiful images or fractal Art if you are unable to go outside at this moment



Better still, go for a walk

This should in your top 5 healing tools. A regular goto place for you to seek your well being

A gift you give yourself

Preferably in an environment that helps you feel calm


Whatever you prefer

You get to choose

Do what might make your heart sing


heart sing


There are no excuses  anymore, for not attending to your well being, once you have made the decision to get well


You have a choice, keep looking at your victimhood

Keep feeling your  victimhood and that will be your expression of yourself


20141006_083902 (800x800)

Or, try to glance in the opposite direction, now and then

When you are having a better day

Or a better moment

You don’t have to try to do it much of the time at first

Take the gentle path Look now and again

Seek a little here or there

Not all at once.


Look at how your negative feelings are actually lighting you a path for you. Telling you what to look for, where you are going.

sinlit path


Your inner world, your outer world and the world beyond (your spiritual beliefs)  are all expressions of what your seeking. They are signposts for you.

This is so

With Love

Pointing the bone

When you diagnose someone with  Recurrent Depression

Tell them it will return despite their best efforts

You diminish their power to heal


For on any given day, that they may feel a little sad, they will remember  your words and remind themselves,  with their thinking patterns and hence their feelings, that it is so


Instead of helping them heal

They are condemned


But hear me, my friend.

You can heal…forever


You can walk a gentle path, back to Your Own Well Being


It is so