Healing guided meditation

This is the Healing meditation any condition video, as a guided meditation for those who prefer to listen rather than read the words on screen. It’s very soothing. I hope it helps you. Much Love


Meditation 3 – Music, Mantra and the Breath

quiet the mind


Meditation 3 – Putting it together

Music, Mantra and the Breath



This is a 3 part easy intro to meditation

Please see Meditation 1 and Meditation 2 here first


1. Putting it all together

Get comfy, where you will be undisturbed

Start listening to your music


2. Develop your full breath

As you breathe in

 Let the belly rise

Let the waist expand outward

The lower ribcage opens

The shoulders lift


As you breathe out


The shoulders soften

The ribcage closes

The waist retracts

 The belly falls

 Breathe at a rhythm you can comfortably manage


3. Start the Well Being mantra

Say it softly in your mind.

As you practise synchronise it with your breathing


                In breath

 “Breath more deeply”

                Out breath

 “Go with the flow”

                In breath

 “It’s all easy”

                Out breath

 “Relax, let go”




Work toward doing this mantra 10 times


When you start meditating, you will notice your thinking wanders. This is just the natural process of your mind learning how to quiet

 It is normal

Just go with it


Whenever you notice you have wandered off….bring your attention back to your breathing and start again


If it didn’t come easily to you today – just chill… and try again tomorrow




With Love





Meditation 2 – Developing the full breath

quiet the mind


This is the second part in a three part, easy intro to meditation

Please see Meditation 1 here  first


This is for those of you who have done Meditation 1, a time or two and want to extend and deepen your practice


Start your normal practice by developing a gentle, easy 4 part breathing

Get comfy

Laying down, sitting up. Doesn’t matter

Under a fan or a duvet perhaps, so your environment is temperate

Palms open

Shoulders soft and down

IPod and ear buds in place

Music ready

Eyes closed


Get as comfortable as you can and start listening to your music

Continue using Spiegel im Spiegel , if it is working for you or choose your own



Bring your attention to the breath entering and leaving your body

Spend a few moments feeling the oxygen enter through your nostrils and into your lungs

Start to count

In 2-3-4

Out 2-3-4

When you feel relaxed and ready, as you breathe in

1 Let the belly rise

2 Let the waist expand outward

3 The lower ribcage opens

4 The shoulders lift


And then reverse for the out breath

1 The shoulders soften

2 The ribcage closes

3 The waist retracts

4 The belly falls

Breathe at a rhythm you can comfortably manage. Synchronise your body movement with the 4 part breath

Spend a few sessions just working with the breath

We will add in the mantra in meditation 3


…and remember,  whenever you notice your mind has wandered off….bring your attention back to your breathing and start again

If it didn’t come easily to you today – just chill… and try again tomorrow

time to breath

With Love






Better Sleep – A Journey to Well Being


1. Develop good sleep habits

Develop a routine that you will easily be able to follow for 3 weeks – every night. Here are some suggestions:

  • Cease watching TV, exercise, alcohol, any computer activity 30-60 mins prior to bedtime
  • Have a drink
  • Brush your teeth
  • Play some soothing music
  • Listen to Yoga Nidra
  • When a sleep wave hits, act on it immediately
  • Wake up at the same time and go to bed at the same time (can be difficult for shift workers)

Practice the identical routine every time it is getting close to your bed time.

Your mind and body will begin to recognise that this is time to go to sleep

2. Develop a new story about sleeping

Instead of:

  • I’m tired
  • I’m not sleeping well
  • I was awake from such and such to so and so
  • Today is going to be dreadful, cos I’m so tired

Say things like:

  • Other people sleep ok
  • I’ve slept ok in the past
  • There is no reason why I should not have a good nights sleep
  • I’m going to relax a bit more about this
  • Be easy with myself
  • My body is clever, it knows what to do

Change your story every time you realise you are thinking or complaining about your lack of sleep

3.  Catching the sleep wave

If you have trouble falling asleep, or if you have trouble going back
to sleep after waking up during the night, you may want to try to tune 
in to your ‘Natural Sleepiness Cycle.’ This an important concept that is not
well known. Sleepiness tends to come in waves every 60-90 minutes or 
so. For example, you may have had the experience that you were reading 
or doing something else, felt sleepy, decided you would ‘just finish this chapter’
…but by the time you had ‘just finished this chapter,’ you were no longer sleepy. 
(Some people refer to this as ‘getting your second wind.’) This is the 
Natural Sleepiness Cycle in action. During the four to six weeks of this
program, when you notice yourself getting sleepy and it is around bedtime
(but not before about 10pm), drop everything and head for bed.” (To Continue Scroll Down)


“Because sleepiness comes in these 60-90 minute waves, falling asleep is a bit
like surfing – you have to catch the wave of sleepiness.
If you miss one wave, just as in surfing, you cannot force the next wave to
come; you simply have to wait for it to arrive. The wave of sleepiness 
sometimes lasts for as little as 5 or 10 minutes, which is why it is 
important to drop everything as soon as you feel the wave coming on. 
You will not have to ‘drop everything’ like this for the rest of your 
life – just do it until you are comfortable that your sleep is back on track.
(This surfing analogy is another way of describing the ‘Natural Sleepiness Cycle’,
or ‘Ultradian Rhythm’, to give it its technical name).”

Sample from “Sleep Better Without Drugs” 4 – 6
week self-help program

Yoga Nidra

This is a deeply relaxing process that will teach your mind and body how to relax and switch off.

Google Yoga Nidra and find a voice and length that works for you

Give it a go every bed time for 3 weeks

And finally……

If you do wake up in the night….train yourself not to look at the clock. This will help you to stop focusing on the times you are awake.

With Love