Healing guided meditation

This is the Healing meditation any condition video, as a guided meditation for those who prefer to listen rather than read the words on screen. It’s very soothing. I hope it helps you. Much Love


The Powerful You – A journey to Well Being

The most important tool to help you heal from Depression

The heart of your healing is in this knowledge

This is the most powerful piece of wisdom I can give you

It is the most vital Coloured Buttons tool

I am unsure why this isn’t widely known and remains generally unused in psychiatric and mental health treatment.

However it doesn’t matter

I tried hard to change the discrimination, care and treatment people received within the mental health system

Ultimately, I realised this was not possible within an acceptable time frame

The machine was too big with too many vested interests

I decided instead, to empower you, the individual

To give you the knowledge to heal

To remove the powerful prescribers, medications and systems from the healing journey of the individual Powerful You and help you directly

So what is this great secret

It is simply this

What you think about is what you feel

Not the other way round


It appears to me that many in the psychiatric industry believe that feelings are random and out of your control.

That the only way to get a hold on these pesky feelings, is to drug you with powerful medications that alter your essential chemistry, neurotransmitters and their receptors.

While this may give you some relief after the 1st 2nd 3rd or 4th drug, it will not help you heal. But it may cause your neurological system irreparable damage

What you think about is what you feel

No exceptions


Scarily the longer you remain on these drugs the more damage they can do to your body.

Creating a cascade of depressive like symptoms whenever you try to reduce or get off them.

However,  because of the lack of knowledge of cessation syndromes, caused by the damage done to your transmitters and their receptors this is frequently wrongly diagnosed again and again as mental illness.

What you think about is what you feel

..and you can change what you think about

The Coloured Buttons program will give you many techniques, tools and strategies to help you change your focus, rumination and self talk.

To change in fact, what you think about and therefore how you feel

Remembering that Depression is all about how you feel

For after all if you are feeling, joyful empowered and hopeful you ain’t feeling depressed

What you think about is what you feel

Every single time

Strong Fit Fabulous

Made with Love


Coloured Buttons is a healing program from Strong Fit Fabulous Life Coaching to help you make long term recovery from Depression

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An open letter to Neurologists – The irrelevancy of names

It doesn’t matter what type of movement you call it:

Dystonic, Dyskinesic, Athetoid, Functional, Choreic, Movement disorder, Conversion, Dyskinetic, Clonus, Jerk, Tic, Basal Ganglia disease,


It doesn’t matter what your textbooks call it:

Dopa Responsive, Primary, Secondary, Tardive, Paroxysmal, Psychogenic


What matters, is our experience of it

…….and in the main you have very little knowledge of our experience of it

…..our lives


….and then you decide:


With this label you get this

With this label you don’t

With this label you get these benefits

With this label you don’t

With this label you get compassion

With this label you don’t


There are too many stories unheard

There is too much pain caused by your labels


You must open your minds, your eyes, your hearts

And close your textbooks


You must hear us

If you want to help heal us


With Love


Meditation 1 – A beginners guide

quiet the mind


This  introduction to meditation,  uses music and a mantra


Music  can be really helpful to relax and slow your breathing

I have used this soothing music (spiegel im spiegel) for many years


Use any piece of music you like, to induce a slow,  rhythmic breathing



Get comfy, where you will be undisturbed

Laying down, sitting up. Doesn’t matter

Under a fan or a duvet perhaps, so your environment is temperate

Palms open

Shoulders soft and down

IPod and ear buds in place

Music ready

Eyes closed


Get as comfortable as you can and start listening to your music


Develop a 4 part breath – just take in a little breath on each count of 4 and then slowly out again for a count of 4.

So,……. In…2….3…..4……and Out…2….3…..4

Use the music to guide and support your breathing – Over time, as you practice and relax, it will come naturally


Count 10 breaths in and 10 breaths out

If you don’t manage to get to 10 before your thoughts wander

Start again at 1

Only restart a couple of times before gently letting your practise go for today



When you start meditating, you will notice your thinking wanders

This is just the natural process of your mind learning how to quiet

It is normal

Just go with it


Whenever you notice you have wandered off….bring your attention back to your breathing and start again

If it didn’t come easily to you today – just chill… and try again tomorrow


Start healing


with Love


Meditation 2 

Meditation 3

Dystonic thought pathway – A Journey to Well Being

This current mental focus on my physical dysfunction, is not helping me maintain my Well Being



I am maintaining my Well Being, however I am having to do more work than normal, at the moment.

Whereas previously, through practice, it wasn’t requiring any great conscious effort  on my part


A decision made

To try to focus only on the Spiritual journey


…and let go of the physical one

The journey of the body

The vehicle


…and while I am already doing that, ad hoc

I am choosing to do that more consciously


I have developed a new thought pathway for myself



A  new story that reminds me that nothing has really changed…..

I Am Still Here

 Still, the Jacqueline who is:

  •  Kind and tolerant
  • Peaceful and wise
  • Centred and whole
  • Powerful and boundless


I am going to use my new story to help me see myself as ‘not broken’ and help manage my guilt

The non helpful guilt I experience, because I am unable to have the physical workload that I used to

….and then the endless interrogation about whether I am doing ‘enough’

Whether I am trying hard enough



A new thought pathway

A thinking journey, that will allow me to come to a new conclusion about myself

A conclusion that will replace the current one

That my body is broken and everything is hard

A new conclusion that will restore the faith I have lost, in my bodies ability to heal itself

A conclusion that will remind me that the human body is

self-healing – self-perpetuating – self creating – self perfecting

So from here on, every time I find myself noticing a physical symptom:

I will:

  • recognise that my body is just doing its thing to heal and realign itself
  • see that my wonderful body is trying to re centre itself
  • re think the symptom/feeling with my new thought pathway,
  • refocus my attention onto something more conducive to my Well Being and just let my precious vehicle do its thing


Something like this

“ruminate, ruminate, ruminate, I feel bad in this way, I  feel bad in this way, I have pain, I feel sick”

Become aware of the current non-helpful thought pathway.

Introduce new thought

“Ah, remember Jacqueline, You are going to focus on the spiritual journey. These feelings are your miraculous body trying to heal itself.”

Then, use a refocus tool such as:

  • Being present
  • Appreciation 

Remembering that I am self-healing – self perpetuating – self creating – self perfecting 

a simple  process, you can do at any time

  • Create the new thought pathway. One that speaks of where you are going, not where you are
  • Develop awareness of thoughts that speak to you of ‘broken, hurt, non healing’ (regardless of cause)
  • Say to yourself a short sentence such as “Remember you are going to focus on the spiritual journey” (this is working for me at the moment, but I will re-mold that sentence if I need to)
  • Use a refocus tool 



By replacing my thinking and retraining my brain it will help me accomplish a number of things

  • It will write a new thought pathway in my brain
  • It will in a short space of time replace the broken thoughts, with a new story
  • It will help break the rumination cycle
  • It will help me change my perception of the symptom
  • It will help me re develop trust of my body
  • It will help replace the guilty feeling that I am failing, in some bizarre way

Through practice, I can retrain my thinking to go down the new pathway



One that helps me redefine or refocus this experience as a spiritual one

A spiritual gift



….and while all of that may do nothing to change my Dystonia, it will change my perception, my feelings, my experience of the journey


With Love



Coloured Buttons – An online coaching course to make long term recovery from depression is on holiday until 2015