Powerful Creator

Powerful Creator.


Dystonic thought pathway – A Journey to Well Being

This current mental focus on my physical dysfunction, is not helping me maintain my Well Being



I am maintaining my Well Being, however I am having to do more work than normal, at the moment.

Whereas previously, through practice, it wasn’t requiring any great conscious effort  on my part


A decision made

To try to focus only on the Spiritual journey


…and let go of the physical one

The journey of the body

The vehicle


…and while I am already doing that, ad hoc

I am choosing to do that more consciously


I have developed a new thought pathway for myself



A  new story that reminds me that nothing has really changed…..

I Am Still Here

 Still, the Jacqueline who is:

  •  Kind and tolerant
  • Peaceful and wise
  • Centred and whole
  • Powerful and boundless


I am going to use my new story to help me see myself as ‘not broken’ and help manage my guilt

The non helpful guilt I experience, because I am unable to have the physical workload that I used to

….and then the endless interrogation about whether I am doing ‘enough’

Whether I am trying hard enough



A new thought pathway

A thinking journey, that will allow me to come to a new conclusion about myself

A conclusion that will replace the current one

That my body is broken and everything is hard

A new conclusion that will restore the faith I have lost, in my bodies ability to heal itself

A conclusion that will remind me that the human body is

self-healing – self-perpetuating – self creating – self perfecting

So from here on, every time I find myself noticing a physical symptom:

I will:

  • recognise that my body is just doing its thing to heal and realign itself
  • see that my wonderful body is trying to re centre itself
  • re think the symptom/feeling with my new thought pathway,
  • refocus my attention onto something more conducive to my Well Being and just let my precious vehicle do its thing


Something like this

“ruminate, ruminate, ruminate, I feel bad in this way, I  feel bad in this way, I have pain, I feel sick”

Become aware of the current non-helpful thought pathway.

Introduce new thought

“Ah, remember Jacqueline, You are going to focus on the spiritual journey. These feelings are your miraculous body trying to heal itself.”

Then, use a refocus tool such as:

  • Being present
  • Appreciation 

Remembering that I am self-healing – self perpetuating – self creating – self perfecting 

a simple  process, you can do at any time

  • Create the new thought pathway. One that speaks of where you are going, not where you are
  • Develop awareness of thoughts that speak to you of ‘broken, hurt, non healing’ (regardless of cause)
  • Say to yourself a short sentence such as “Remember you are going to focus on the spiritual journey” (this is working for me at the moment, but I will re-mold that sentence if I need to)
  • Use a refocus tool 



By replacing my thinking and retraining my brain it will help me accomplish a number of things

  • It will write a new thought pathway in my brain
  • It will in a short space of time replace the broken thoughts, with a new story
  • It will help break the rumination cycle
  • It will help me change my perception of the symptom
  • It will help me re develop trust of my body
  • It will help replace the guilty feeling that I am failing, in some bizarre way

Through practice, I can retrain my thinking to go down the new pathway



One that helps me redefine or refocus this experience as a spiritual one

A spiritual gift



….and while all of that may do nothing to change my Dystonia, it will change my perception, my feelings, my experience of the journey


With Love



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