Time to find a path to healing

This is my story

I have a neurological disease, it has been variously labelled

Tardive dystonia, tardive dyskinesia, Choreo athetoid movement, Functional disorder, Depression, Conversion disorder, ideopathic movement disorder

We are in the process of testing for Stiff Person Syndrome +/- PERM.

An auto immune neurological condition. This is firming as the current favourite

Whilst fiercely against the Medical Treadmill, I have been require to engage with and a medical profession who will not help improve the experience regardless of it’s name

This has proven to be a gift however, as because of their inability to tick a box and their reliance on tests rather than clinical expertise and listening, I have had to seek within and listen to my body

There is not an area of my life that is unaffected but I remain mentally powerful

I am now taking an alternative route and part of my treatment is marijuana. The times when I have been most unwell have been the times we haven’t been able to source it

Marijuana  enables me to eat

Marijuana stops my nausea

Marijuana reduces my pain

Marijuana minimises my stiffness

Marijuana enables me to walk normally

Putting marijuana in the hands of a Medical Profession, Govt and Big Pharma takes away our power to heal ourselves.

It is time to stop abrogating responsibility for our Well Being to people external to ourselves.

The Medical Industry is a powerful, wealthy force that wants to keep control of the individuals Well Being.

It is time to stop putting great wealth into the pockets of this industry at the expense of the sick

They know that if we are allowed to grow marijuana ourselves it will reduce their incomes.

As we , the individual take  responsibility for our health

Medical marijuana has many wonderful properties that work with our naturally occurring cannaboid receptors .

Legalise it’s use and less us manage it ourselves. We are not stupid. We are awake and aware

An open letter to Neurologists,


The irrelevancy of names.


It doesn’t matter what type of movement you call it:

Dystonic, Dyskinesic, Athetoid, Functional, Choreic, Movement disorder, Conversion, Dyskinetic, Clonus, Jerk, Tic, Basal Ganglia disease,


It doesn’t matter what your textbooks call it:

Dopa Responsive, Primary, Secondary, Tardive, Paroxysmal, Psychogenic


What matters is our experience of it

…….and in the main you have very little knowledge of our experience of it

…..our lives


….and then you decide:


With this label you get this

With this label you don’t

With this label you get these benefits

With this label you don’t

With this label you get compassion

With this label you don’t


There are too many stories unheard

There is too much pain caused by your labels

About Me

Confident in my Well Being

At peace with my past

Appreciative of the gifts given

Understanding of the journey

Eager for the unfolding

Aware of the expansion

Thankful for the wisdom

Unconditionally loving


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Mental Health Diagnosis – The perfect Catch 22


There is no medical cure for Depression because Depression is not a disease

Depression requires healing

 Having a learnt/taught pattern of thinking is not a medical condition

Depressed thinking or  thought pathways are a result of attention, focusing, thinking that make you feel powerless and unworthy, often as a result of psychological trauma


Rewriting thinking patterns that have developed will lead to long term recovery


Taking prescribed  drugs  by a pharmaceutical industry that does not care about the damage it does to your body, and a psychiatric industry that is terribly powerful,  does not help the already traumatised and disempowered


Millions of people have been misdiagnosed with a psychiatric label which makes them second class citizens.

It makes it very easy for medics of other specialities to pin every symptom, every sign, as a manifestation of ‘mental illness’


…and it doesn’t matter how many times you say  – ‘I am not depressed” you are not listened to.

….it doesn’t matter how many times you say “I’m Strong Fit and Fabulous” you are not listened to


When I say ‘I’ve done the mental recovery work’, they think that, is a symptom of mental illness


What a perfect catch 22

If you don’t accept our diagnosis of Mental iillness – you must be mentally ill.

Ha – How crazy is that ( pun intended 🙂 )


The Psychiatric and Medical profession does not allow you to recover

It does not believe in recovery

It does not want you to recover


Well hear this “I will make a difference’

‘I will bring you to account’

I have a voice and I will be heard”


The all powerful medical profession has the ability to lock you away and drug you against your will.

Have you held  down by ‘health security’ (non clinical)’ in paramilitary uniforms and administer medications that make it almost impossible to remember what anyone has said or done to you during that time.


How can this possibly be right?


…and because these poor vulnerable ‘different’ people have a mental health dx it’s ok.

Surely not!


I mean surely not!!


With Love


The  Little Soul and Big Pharma  

A story

20141006_083902 (800x800)


The little soul had been feeling very sad for quite a while and wanted to go home to LEUGS

(LEUGS – Loving Energy of the Universal God Source)


The little soul went to visit a healer with faith in her heart that the healer would help

20141006_084256 (800x800)




The healer had not the faintest idea how to help sad little souls heal themselves


He only had book knowledge (which was incorrect) with little experience of the tools required to help the little soul  turn around the  sadness within

20141006_085529 (450x800)



Earlier that day the healer had a visit from another healer

20141006_085937 (800x800)



This one was a little shonky

This healer,  always put power and money before the Hippocratic Oath and was prepared to lie, buy favours and lobby as hard as possible in order gain further power and money

20141006_090123 (450x800)




The 2 healers put their heads together and decided to give the sad little soul some help


This was in the form of very powerful toxic chemicals as the first healer did not know any better and the second didn’t care

20141006_091316 (800x800)


The little soul trusted the healers would abide by the Hippocratic oath




They didn’t





The little soul after much trial and error was able to develop a whole of suite of tools to completely heal her chronic sadness and looked forward to living happily ever after

20141006_091852 (800x450)



Although her mind was strong and empowered – her body had been broken by the treatment she had received

20141006_091954 (450x800)


She had read “The little soul and the sun” by Neale Donald Walsch



With Love


With thanks to Neale Donald Walsch  http://www.sapphyr.net/largegems/littlesoul-thesun.htm

It is a popular misconception that the phrase “First do no harm” (LatinPrimum non nocere) is a part of the Hippocratic oath. In fact the phrase is believed to have originated with the 19th-century surgeon Thomas Inman.[5]