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Are you turning yourself inside out to please others?


Wild and fantastical claim about Depression

Only as you look for the unknowable, the unseeable, the unexplainable, will you find it.

And where should you look?

Within you

Empowerment is the key to ….well….everything 🙂

Breathe quietly


What you perceive as failure is just an opportunity, to make a different choice.

And you can do that

If you learn from your mistakes

Sometimes it feels like you are going round in endless circles

Step back onto your path as soon as you are ready


With Love

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The See Saw – Knowledge to help you heal

Hello  🙂rocks-seesaw

Here is some understanding you can apply as you journey back to Well Being

The Seesaw

You see, you are all trying to maintain your balance

As though on a Seesaw

In depression, our thoughts put almost continual focus on one end of the Seesaw

Focus is given to fears, worries, pain, emptiness…..and in doing so you unbalance the Seesaw

The feelings that are created by this unbalanced focus (depressed thinking)

Come from you, recognizing at an inner level, the unbalancing of the Seesaw

And you can fix that
You can rebalance that
Simply, gently and easily

You can re-find your balance

Things your treating Psychiatric should be saying to you

Let  me walk along side you


I can help you get well again


I’m an expert in Well Being


Let’s  develop a individualised, holistic, Well Being plan


I have 3 drug rules

Safest possible drug

Smallest possible dose

Shortest possible time


Let’s work toward getting you off all those drugs, that mess with your very finely balanced Neurotransmitters


I’m aware of anti psychotic & anti depressant cessation syndromes


Lets develop strategies & tools that support your Well Being


Lets integrate all aspects of healing:

Physical, Emotional, Mental, Nutritional, Spiritual


Let’s use a wide range of therapies that enhance your mind, body and soul


Here, I run a free meditation class

It’s part of your treatment that you attend


With Love


Looking Within to start the Journey to Well Being

You hear an awful lot about looking within to find healing, to find peace, to find yourself in fact

But exactly how, do you do that




Here’s a way you can incorporate ‘looking within’ into your life today and start getting the benefit


Working with the breath

Every hour stop what you are doing, close your eyes and take 3 slow gentle breaths

In  1-2-3

Out 1-2-3


Just 3 breaths.  Every hour for maybe 4 consecutive hours.  Set a reminder on your phone


As you get more comfy doing this – after a few days perhaps


Start to notice the breath, as it enters and as it leaves


Imagine a gentle power coming into you on the In breath

Soften your shoulders and let your belly go to jelly on the Out breath


3 breaths.  Every hour. For a few hours a day.


An easy way to start looking within


Strong Fit Fabulous

Made with Love