The Powerful You – A journey to Well Being

The most important tool to help you heal from Depression

The heart of your healing is in this knowledge

This is the most powerful piece of wisdom I can give you

It is the most vital Coloured Buttons tool

I am unsure why this isn’t widely known and remains generally unused in psychiatric and mental health treatment.

However it doesn’t matter

I tried hard to change the discrimination, care and treatment people received within the mental health system

Ultimately, I realised this was not possible within an acceptable time frame

The machine was too big with too many vested interests

I decided instead, to empower you, the individual

To give you the knowledge to heal

To remove the powerful prescribers, medications and systems from the healing journey of the individual Powerful You and help you directly

So what is this great secret

It is simply this

What you think about is what you feel

Not the other way round


It appears to me that many in the psychiatric industry believe that feelings are random and out of your control.

That the only way to get a hold on these pesky feelings, is to drug you with powerful medications that alter your essential chemistry, neurotransmitters and their receptors.

While this may give you some relief after the 1st 2nd 3rd or 4th drug, it will not help you heal. But it may cause your neurological system irreparable damage

What you think about is what you feel

No exceptions


Scarily the longer you remain on these drugs the more damage they can do to your body.

Creating a cascade of depressive like symptoms whenever you try to reduce or get off them.

However,  because of the lack of knowledge of cessation syndromes, caused by the damage done to your transmitters and their receptors this is frequently wrongly diagnosed again and again as mental illness.

What you think about is what you feel

..and you can change what you think about

The Coloured Buttons program will give you many techniques, tools and strategies to help you change your focus, rumination and self talk.

To change in fact, what you think about and therefore how you feel

Remembering that Depression is all about how you feel

For after all if you are feeling, joyful empowered and hopeful you ain’t feeling depressed

What you think about is what you feel

Every single time

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Coloured Buttons is a healing program from Strong Fit Fabulous Life Coaching to help you make long term recovery from Depression

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