Looking Within to start the Journey to Well Being

You hear an awful lot about looking within to find healing, to find peace, to find yourself in fact

But exactly how, do you do that




Here’s a way you can incorporate ‘looking within’ into your life today and start getting the benefit


Working with the breath

Every hour stop what you are doing, close your eyes and take 3 slow gentle breaths

In  1-2-3

Out 1-2-3


Just 3 breaths.  Every hour for maybe 4 consecutive hours.  Set a reminder on your phone


As you get more comfy doing this – after a few days perhaps


Start to notice the breath, as it enters and as it leaves


Imagine a gentle power coming into you on the In breath

Soften your shoulders and let your belly go to jelly on the Out breath


3 breaths.  Every hour. For a few hours a day.


An easy way to start looking within


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