The psychiatrists job – A Journey to Well Being

And this healing journey is available to all


And what is your job…as a psychiatrist?


To help them find their way to their Own well being

To assist them in discovering what well being looks like for Them

No-one else

Not the Doc or the drug company or the family or the friends, or the lover, or the healer, but themselves

And by focusing on their well being a little here…and a little there….not today perhaps, but tomorrow a little

And then at some point, they begin to actually enjoy, the unfolding journey

While I strongly believe that current medications make it more difficult to get back to Well Being, I do not recommend sudden cessation

Rather, find  your way to well being first

On a regular basis

With safety nets available

Strategies and plans  for you to deal with the often prolonged emotional, physical and mental withdrawal from these drugs that have messed with your ever so  finely balanced neurotransmitters.

Neurotransmitters  that are involved in every moment of your life


The Psychiatrist should have in depth knowledge of the cessation syndromes,  otherwise they have no right to prescribe them

Healing is there for all


It is so

With Love