Meditation 3 – Music, Mantra and the Breath

quiet the mind


Meditation 3 – Putting it together

Music, Mantra and the Breath



This is a 3 part easy intro to meditation

Please see Meditation 1 and Meditation 2 here first


1. Putting it all together

Get comfy, where you will be undisturbed

Start listening to your music


2. Develop your full breath

As you breathe in

 Let the belly rise

Let the waist expand outward

The lower ribcage opens

The shoulders lift


As you breathe out


The shoulders soften

The ribcage closes

The waist retracts

 The belly falls

 Breathe at a rhythm you can comfortably manage


3. Start the Well Being mantra

Say it softly in your mind.

As you practise synchronise it with your breathing


                In breath

 “Breath more deeply”

                Out breath

 “Go with the flow”

                In breath

 “It’s all easy”

                Out breath

 “Relax, let go”




Work toward doing this mantra 10 times


When you start meditating, you will notice your thinking wanders. This is just the natural process of your mind learning how to quiet

 It is normal

Just go with it


Whenever you notice you have wandered off….bring your attention back to your breathing and start again


If it didn’t come easily to you today – just chill… and try again tomorrow




With Love






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