Meditation 2 – Developing the full breath

quiet the mind


This is the second part in a three part, easy intro to meditation

Please see Meditation 1 here  first


This is for those of you who have done Meditation 1, a time or two and want to extend and deepen your practice


Start your normal practice by developing a gentle, easy 4 part breathing

Get comfy

Laying down, sitting up. Doesn’t matter

Under a fan or a duvet perhaps, so your environment is temperate

Palms open

Shoulders soft and down

IPod and ear buds in place

Music ready

Eyes closed


Get as comfortable as you can and start listening to your music

Continue using Spiegel im Spiegel , if it is working for you or choose your own


Bring your attention to the breath entering and leaving your body

Spend a few moments feeling the oxygen enter through your nostrils and into your lungs

Start to count

In 2-3-4

Out 2-3-4

When you feel relaxed and ready, as you breathe in

1 Let the belly rise

2 Let the waist expand outward

3 The lower ribcage opens

4 The shoulders lift


And then reverse for the out breath

1 The shoulders soften

2 The ribcage closes

3 The waist retracts

4 The belly falls

Breathe at a rhythm you can comfortably manage. Synchronise your body movement with the 4 part breath

Spend a few sessions just working with the breath

We will add in the mantra in meditation 3


…and remember,  whenever you notice your mind has wandered off….bring your attention back to your breathing and start again

If it didn’t come easily to you today – just chill… and try again tomorrow

time to breath

With Love







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