Meditation 1 – A beginners guide

quiet the mind


This  introduction to meditation,  uses music and a mantra


Music  can be really helpful to relax and slow your breathing

I have used this soothing music (spiegel im spiegel) for many years

Use any piece of music you like, to induce a slow,  rhythmic breathing



Get comfy, where you will be undisturbed

Laying down, sitting up. Doesn’t matter

Under a fan or a duvet perhaps, so your environment is temperate

Palms open

Shoulders soft and down

IPod and ear buds in place

Music ready

Eyes closed


Get as comfortable as you can and start listening to your music


Develop a 4 part breath – just take in a little breath on each count of 4 and then slowly out again for a count of 4.

So,……. In…2….3…..4……and Out…2….3…..4

Use the music to guide and support your breathing – Over time, as you practice and relax, it will come naturally


Count 10 breaths in and 10 breaths out

If you don’t manage to get to 10 before your thoughts wander

Start again at 1

Only restart a couple of times before gently letting your practise go for today



When you start meditating, you will notice your thinking wanders

This is just the natural process of your mind learning how to quiet

It is normal

Just go with it


Whenever you notice you have wandered off….bring your attention back to your breathing and start again

If it didn’t come easily to you today – just chill… and try again tomorrow


Start healing


with Love


Meditation 2 

Meditation 3


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