Mental Health Diagnosis – The perfect Catch 22


There is no medical cure for Depression because Depression is not a disease

Depression requires healing

 Having a learnt/taught pattern of thinking is not a medical condition

Depressed thinking or  thought pathways are a result of attention, focusing, thinking that make you feel powerless and unworthy, often as a result of psychological trauma


Rewriting thinking patterns that have developed will lead to long term recovery


Taking prescribed  drugs  by a pharmaceutical industry that does not care about the damage it does to your body, and a psychiatric industry that is terribly powerful,  does not help the already traumatised and disempowered


Millions of people have been misdiagnosed with a psychiatric label which makes them second class citizens.

It makes it very easy for medics of other specialities to pin every symptom, every sign, as a manifestation of ‘mental illness’


…and it doesn’t matter how many times you say  – ‘I am not depressed” you are not listened to.

….it doesn’t matter how many times you say “I’m Strong Fit and Fabulous” you are not listened to


When I say ‘I’ve done the mental recovery work’, they think that, is a symptom of mental illness


What a perfect catch 22

If you don’t accept our diagnosis of Mental iillness – you must be mentally ill.

Ha – How crazy is that ( pun intended 🙂 )


The Psychiatric and Medical profession does not allow you to recover

It does not believe in recovery

It does not want you to recover


Well hear this “I will make a difference’

‘I will bring you to account’

I have a voice and I will be heard”


The all powerful medical profession has the ability to lock you away and drug you against your will.

Have you held  down by ‘health security’ (non clinical)’ in paramilitary uniforms and administer medications that make it almost impossible to remember what anyone has said or done to you during that time.


How can this possibly be right?


…and because these poor vulnerable ‘different’ people have a mental health dx it’s ok.

Surely not!


I mean surely not!!


With Love