A new place – A Journey to Well Being

….and so I find myself in a new place

20130731_10282020130528_133930_15ChristmasAM Waking up


The place of Tardive Dyskinesia, caused by Astra Zeneca’s drug Seroquel (quetiapine)

prescribed to me off label for Depression

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The heavy duty drugs used to prevent the Dyskinesia have significant side effects of sedation, amnesia and confusion – very difficult for a high functioning, articulate Emergency Nurse

Although of course I can’t work


Could it be that this Tardive Dyskinesia  is inextricably and utterly linked to my pursuit of Well Being


That it wasn’t until I finally found a true, deep, wonderful,  spiritual place of Well Being  that I am now ready to experience and hopefully overcome this Tardive Dyskinesia


Is it that it wasn’t  until I overcame Depression completely – that this next journey could begin


Or am I so very angry, that its time to take on Astra Zeneca and the Psychiatry profession



Please send me your love and light


With Love