Why modern psychiatry has got depression treatment so very wrong


My journey with major depression has been lifelong – I understand it intimately – I know it within my bones and my soul

I know how to recover from it and live a rich and fulfilling life

I am not some airy fairy nutjob, but an articulate, intelligent, Emergency Nurse who has been gifted with Major Depression to help me understand Psychological pain and how to heal it.

…and in my humble, knowledgeable opinion the modern western psychiatric profession that I have encountered neither understands what Depression is or how to recover from it


Psychiatrists reach for medication immediately and when the first one doesn’t work or the side effects are appalling – they either say persevere through those horrid effects you are having,

or lets change it another medication and then another – or lets add another drug and then another and then if all else fails lets paralyze you,  give you a general anaesthetic and put an electric shock through your brain



I sincerely hope that I am wrong.  I hope that there are out there psychiatrists who really understand Depression and how to make long term recovery from it. That hasn’t been my experience


…and yet I see people who have been on many drugs, often multiple drugs for many years and  they don’t feel any better.

They still don’t feel empowered, joyful, happy.


If you still believe that Depression in a chemical imbalance of the brain as the pharmaceutical  and psychiatric  industries would have you believe, read the articles below





It is time for  another approach – A holistic approach – one that helps the individual understand what well being means to them and then giving them tools to begin the journey to their own well being


One that embraces all of their life – Their Mental, Physical, Emotional,  and Spiritual well being – Not a one size fits all approach or let me give you another pill


There is work to do however.  You have to do the Work to take the journey to Well Being

It is not onerous.

The financial cost is inconsequential.

For this is a mental journey, mental work you have to undertake.


Nor does it involve rehashing past sadnesses or going over perceived wrongs – For all this does is take you back to a time when you were feeling powerless.

If you are spending years in therapy – you are not recovering


But you cannot do this ‘work’ while feeling sedated and blunted

So let’s start by understanding what Depression really is and to do that we need to know what it feels like

Because Depression is all about how you feel – simple

When you are suffering from Depression you feel:











…and it is these feelings that you have to turn around in order to recover – and not only is it possible it can be done easily.

Simple steps that anyone can do


Is there a place for medication at all – Yes

Medication can be very useful, particularly in the acute phase of depression

It can help people manage  anxiety, agitation, suicidal ideation, insomnia, anorexia

However medication should be short term and an adjunct to the actual work that needs to take place


Many of these medications have horrible side effects – often people have to try many different drugs with multiple side effects until they  find one that appears to help.



The most  important step


Decide that you want to get better

Make the decision that you are ready to live a fulfilling satisfying life

Make the decision that you are going to do the work required to make yourself feel better


You have to decide that you are ready to undertake this journey to well being.

Only you can know when you are ready


Speak to your doctor about reducing medications that sedate you or make it difficult for you to think properly.

Work out a plan in conjunction with your medical practitioner  to wean yourself off drugs that alter your essential brain chemistry

Have a clear plan about what to do if you start to feel overly anxious, agitated or suicidal ideation occurs. You may not be ready to undertake this holistic journey and still require medication to help manage your symptoms


It’s okay if you need more than one shot at this.

Be gentle with yourself

Be easy with yourself

Be kind to yourself – Kindness is one of the most healing things I know. I use it in my work everyday



The most important thing you need to know


What you think is what you feel


For this is one of the most important things to know about recovery

What you think is what you feel

Really simple…and yet I have never heard one psychiatrist recognise this most fundamental point


What you think is what you feel

Not the other way around


So if you are thinking thoughts of powerlessness , of not being good enough, of being a failure – then this will be how you feel

If you think you are unworthy – you will feel unworthy


Therefore it follows that if you can change what you think you can change what you are feeling

..and as Depression is about how you feel – you can be shown different simple techniques of  how to think different thoughts


Now this isn’t pie in the sky or some new age fangle dangle psychobabble speech  – this is fact

What you think is how you feel


So is it possible to change what you are thinking

Unequivocally – YES


Not all at once – but bit by bit , thought by thought, you change what you are thinking about and therefore change the way you feel


In fact I have a whole suite of tools  that are simple to teach, easy to understand and straightforward to implement into your life today.


The psychiatric profession needs to change the way they do business. To move away from their dependence on medications  and medications only.

They need to clearly understand that Depression is about the thoughts you are thinking and help people change the way they think.

If they don’t have the knowledge to do that – there are plenty of us out here that do.

Come and learn from us.

Stop listening to the pharmaceutical companies and start to recognise the fundamental flaws in a drugs only approach to recovery


8 thoughts on “Why modern psychiatry has got depression treatment so very wrong

  1. You are so correct… I am currently tapering off of a benzo. I’ve lost a chunk of the last 7 years of my life to it and anti-depressants. All because I was told I had a chemical imbalance. I just started a blog/website. If you are interested… mysoulthroughawindow.com or mysoulthroughawindow.wordpress.com… so many people suffering that shouldn’t be.

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